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Frequently asked questions

How and when do I get paid my commission?

We pay your commission each month by bank transfer or PayPal. The minimum amount that you can collect is €100.00 (if you have less than €100.00 then your commission total will roll over into the next month). Please simply forward us an invoice when you reach the magic amount of €100.00 and we'll get the money into your account ASAP.

How can I keep informed of how my sales are going?

We will provide you with your own login to our Admin System/ Back end. You can log in to view your bookings – and their corresponding commission - at anytime. In the system you will also be able to see a history of settled commission payments that you have received.

How do I know when I have made a sale?

The moment a redirected client books on our site, you will receive notification by email and SMS message. To see full details of the booking – including how much your commission will be – you simply need to log in to the Admin System/ Back end.

Can I personalise the advertising material provided?

Yes, you can. The search box and text links all come in a range of different colours and sizes. Just use the integration codes to choose the styles that best fit your website.

I don't have a website. Can I still be an affiliate?

Of course. You can be as affiliate – and a very successful one at that - by using HTML text links in e-mails, newsletters, blog posts, social media profiles, forums, etc.

How do I join the Affiliate Programme and start earning commission?

You can sign up to join our Affiliate Programme directly through Waytostay.com. We'll have you up and running – and earning commission – very quickly indeed.

How do I select advertisements to place on my site?

Once you have registered as an affiliate, we'll give you a Waytostay user login and password. Just sign into your account and go to the 'integration option'. Here you will find the different advertising materials which we offer and all the codes you need to integrate them into your site.

Is there a limit to the number of advertisements I can take?

No, there's no limit. Advertise as much as you want!

Can I place advertisements/links in emails and newsletters?

Yes you can! HTML links can be used very successfully to promote WayToStay in newsletters and emails.

What kind of content is unacceptable?

We will not work with any websites that are banner farms, or contain offensive, racist or pornographic content.

Can I use deep links to specific apartments and/ or specific pages?

Yes. In fact, we have a special tool available that can help you design different links to specific pages (and in several languages too).

When will my sales be guaranteed?

When the customer arrives at the apartment, we count it as a sale and your commission is guaranteed. If a customer booked, and later cancelled, then you would be informed by email.

Can I use the same Org ID for different sites?

Yes, but please give us a full list of all your websites so that we can track them correctly.

How can I change my registered details?

You can change your details at anytime by signing into your account on the Admin System/ Back end.

How often should I update links and banners?

Visitors to your website can go "banner blind" after seeing the same ads over and over again. To avoid this happening, we suggest that you change the advertising banners every 1-3 months.

How do you keep track of my sales and statistics?

We implement an Org-ID which links your account to every piece of advertising material you display. This means that if a client clicks on the advertising material it will always be tracked back to your account.

Where can I see how many pending sales I have?

Just log into your account in the Admin System/ Back end, and you will find everything you need to know about your commission, sales and outstanding sales.

How do I unsubscribe?

We would hate to see you go. But if you really want to stop working with us, simply send an email to our Affiliate Manager asking us to close your account. We'll do so immediately.

What sets Waytostay apart from other affiliate networks?

We strongly believe in giving the best service possible to both our clients and partners (affiliates). At Waytostay we have a dedicated Affiliate Manager to help you with your requests, information needs and strategy. Our Affiliate Manger and Marketing Department are ready to give you unparalleled support when it comes to to online advertising.

There is no Org-ID shown in the link from the banner? Are you sure that the client is being tracked?

Yes, the client is being tracked. We cross check the affiliate URLs with the Org-ID. This means that we know where every client comes from. Don't worry - every customer coming from your site will be tracked reliably.

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