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Tara, family with young children, Edinburgh, United Kingdom I 16 Oct 2014

"The houseboat was in a great location, the interior decor was good, the beds were comfortable and the shower was good. My disappointment lay with the exterior. The ramp to go on board is quite steep and slippery when we were there due to rain and there is no hand rail. This was quite scary when getting on and off, especially with children and luggage. Also, to get into our section of the boat involved walking its full length along a narrow walkway, again with no hand railings. The boat moored directly next to ours had hand railings all around it. Finally, given how precarious it was to get on and walk around the outside of the boat, I was frustrated that was no outside lighting. To get in the boat requires entering a code on a padlock but you can't actually see the numbers on the padlock in the dark when we were coming back after dinner. It ended up each night with me trying to hold my phone over the padlock to give light, while my husband tried to get the thing open. This was relatively expensive accommodation and I expected better from an external point of view. Finally, again, given the cost of the accommodation, it would have been nice to have had some hand soap in the bathroom and some coffee and milk in the kitchen. We enjoyed our stay and while I would recommend the boat to others, I would certainly prepare them for the less than welcoming exterior."

Check-in / check-out 7
Cleaning 8
Comfort 10
Value for money 7

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