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With the train you get easy from Schiphol airport to Amsterdam centre. The train takes you in 15 minutes to the centre. Schiphol station is situated directly below the airport. Via Schiphol Plaza, you can walk straight to the departure or arrival hall. Here you can check the train schedule and buy tickets.

Trains leave from platforms 1, 2 or 3, one floor below, between 6 and 12:30 a.m. To get into the centre you have to take the train to Amsterdam Centraal. Good to know, because there are also trains that only stop in other parts of Amsterdam outside the centre.

Buy train tickets at Schiphol
A train ticket from Schiphol airport to the centre costs around €4. A ticket for comfort class (1rst class) is more expensive. Most Dutch people travel second class, because this is also comfortable and cheaper.

You can buy tickets either at the desk Train Tickets & Services or at the yellow ticket machines. If you buy at the desk, you’ll pay €0,50 more because of the extra service you get. The touch screens of the ticket machine have an English language option.

You’ll pay with euro coins or with a debit card that uses a "PIN" code. The machines don’t accept notes. Just a few accept credit cards and they charge an additional €1 for that facility. If you want to use in the Netherlands metro, tram or bus you´ll need an ov-chip card. For the train this is not mandatory.

Taxi from Schiphol to centre
A taxi from the airport into the centre will cost you around €40 depending your destination in Amsterdam. Pick a taxi from the ones that are waiting in line just outside the main entrance to the arrivals and train station level at Schiphol. Don´t go with people walking around soliciting their services.

Bus from Schiphol to centre
If you're staying near one of the bus stops, the bus could be a good option. Take for example bus 197 from Schiphol Plaza. This bus stops at Leidseplein, the famous square right in the centre of Amsterdam. For a single journey you´ll pay around € 3.00. You can buy your ticket in the bus.

Transport from other airports to Amsterdam
Did you book a flight to one of the smaller airports? The best way to travel is by public transport. Airport Rotterdam the Hague is not that far from Amsterdam, but a taxi will cost you quickly around €130 and from Eindhoven it will be even more!

Rotterdam the Hague airport
From Rotterdam The Hague airport you can take the RET airport shuttle bus 33. This bus takes you in 30 minutes to train station Rotterdam Centraal. A single journey cost around €2.50 and you can pay your ticket in the bus. In Rotterdam you can take the train to Amsterdam. A single journey from Rotterdam to Amsterdam costs around €13.40 and takes around 50 minutes.

Eindhoven airport
From Eindhoven Airport you can take bus 401. In 25 minutes you´ll be in the train station of Eindhoven. A single journey costs around €3.20. From there you can take a train to Amsterdam. A single journey costs around €17.20 and in 1,5 hours you´ll be in Amsterdam.