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The trams in Amsterdam run regularly until 12:15 am. If you want to take the tram you´ll need an ov-chip card to pay for your journey. You can use this card also in the bus and metro.

1. The anonymous chip card
An empty chip card costs around €7,50 and then you’ll still have to put money on it. You can buy the anonymous chip-card at:
-GVB offices and GVB machines.
-AKO newsagents
-the yellow NS train ticket machines with a pink OV-chipcard sign
- Train Tickets & Services of NS

2. The paper disposable chip card
This chip card costs around €3.00 and you can only travel for up to an hour. You can buy this ticket at the same place as the anonymous card and if you can also buy it from the tram conductor.
Check here more info about the ov-chipcard

I Amsterdam card
You can also buy an ‘I Amsterdam card.’ This card gives you free access to several Amsterdam museums, free ticket on public transport within the city, free canal cruise, and several other small gifts and offers. This card is not valid in the train.