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Check-in / check-out 10
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, mature couple, Hawally, Kuwait I 16 Sep 2016

" I stayed in this apartment for three days and then took a bigger in the same building In a upper floor. Its very very clean and well equipped with everything you need . Washer drayer dishwasher hairdryer big fridge with a big freezer . Big bathroom with a big and excellent kitchen. The kitchen has all the things and more . They made us feel like we where at home . At first i had a problem with the flat because the elevator is in the first floor so me and my old mother must take the tight stares and also when i was carrying my heavy groceries i had to be careful not to fall .miss adina and im sorry i forgot the name of the other miss and the guy with them they know how to make a bad day happy one . They treated me very kind and in the check in and in the check out and even when a was searching for another apartment for another date . Any one want to visit barcelona must see this apartment and must deal with this company waytostay is excellent. Dont forget to bring your food and clothes with you coz thats the only thing you will need in this apartment . Even the bath soap and shower gel and the dishwasher capsule and garbage bags its all there . Thanx for giving me a nice place and clean place and neighbors and neighborhood with markets and groceries and restaurants all over the place . Sorry for my weak english الصراحه الشقه روعه و وايد مهتمين بتفاصيلها من جميع النواحي . المطبخ مخدوم بجميع المتطلبات و الحمام ايضا "بس ناقص شطاف" صابون غسيل المواعين والحمام و اكياس الزباله موجوده . في الشقه الي ماتطل على الشارع يوجد منشر لتنشيف الملابس . غساله و نشافه و جميع انواع مكاين صنع القهوة و جميع ادوات الطبخ موجوده . الثلاجه متوسطة الحجم لكنها عميقه و هذا شي مهم . غرفة النوم مقتطعه من الصاله . وحدة تكييف واحده لكنها قويه وكافيه لتغطية مساحة الشقه . عيب واحد بالشقه ان المصعد مو من الدور الارضي . يعني لازم تصعد الدرج سواء انت بالدور الاول او الخامس . غير موضوع الدرج والاصنصير الشقه حلوه و نظيفه و مخدومه في المكان ايضا جنبها مطاعم و جمعية كارفور قريبه بالاضافه الى البقالات الكثيره . للتنبيه الحي اللي توجد فيه الشقه فيه وايد ناس مثليين وعندهم نادي مقابلها بس ماشفت منهم اذيه او اي شي . اذا قدرت تتجاوز موضوع الاصنصير الشقه مافي اروع من خدماتها و شكرا "

Check-in / check-out 10
Cleaning 10
Comfort 10
Value for money 8

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