September 7, 2016

Barcelona VS Sydney: Where to go and What to do?

It all started at the coffee machine. Co-workers from around the globe, mostly from Australia and Spain, having a little break.
Little did we know that it was the beginning of a looong afternoon of debate

Why …?

Simple really: we all love our own cities and we are ready to fight for its dignity!

Although, as we’re adults (at least we like to think so), we decided not to physically fight but to instead create an infographic comparing Sydney and Barcelona’s best features.

Which gives YOU, the chance … no … the honour (yes absolutely!) to help us decide which city is the best ……. for once and for all.

Check out our infographic below (and our amazing apartments here)
Leave a comment to let us know which city is your favourite or if you just love both!

(So that we can go back to work please)


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