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December 16, 2016

5 Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

It is nearly time to say goodbye to 2016, and welcome in 2017! It is a new year to make some new memories and experiences, and you can start by treating yourself to a break away for the New Year!
If you are looking for a last minute booking or want to plan for the future, we have compiled a list of 5 cities of where to celebrate New Year’s eve like no other! Find a beautiful apartment to rent in any of these city here.

This is time to spend with your family, partner and friends! Whether it’s a candle-light dinner in Paris or a street party in Amsterdam, Europe offers the best places to spend New Year’s Eve!


Paris is a magical and enchanting city, especially when it comes to New Year´s Eve. The City of Lights certainly lives up to its name as the Eiffel Tower is lit up, a beautiful sight to see in the New Year!
If you want a great view of it, head over to Champs-Elysees with the many crowds looking to watch the iconic landmark!

If you want to go for a romantic meal with your partner or just want to simply treat your friends or family to a meal, go for a dinner cruise across the Seine. You will be able to listen to the orchestra whilst watching over Paris New Year Eve celebrations!
If you don’t want to be among the crowds but still want a great view, walk over to Montmartre where you will be able to watch the fireworks.
Make sure you stay the next day to watch the Grande Parade! Expect floats and music!

best places to celebrate new year's eve


Already a popular destination at any time of the year to many people across the world, it is not a surprise that Amsterdam is one of the best European Cities to spend New Year’s Eve in!
So if you are looking for vibrant and a busy night of celebrations, then Amsterdam New Year Eve can offer you that! Expect many street parties and indoor bars to keep yourself occupied and having fun whilst you wait for that countdown for 2017!
You can also expect some amazing outdoor concerts for entertainment!

If you are feeling a bit hungry, there are street vendors on hand to serve you some traditional food and also some champagne! It is New Year’s so you may as well treat yourself!
Take advantage of the many bridge´s Amsterdam has, take a seat or stand on them and watch down the canal as you see into the New Year!

best places to celebrate new year's eve


This great metropolitan city becomes even livelier on this special night and you have plenty of places to choose from to celebrate! You can head down to the beach down in Barceloneta, stay central in La Rambla or go over to Plaça d’Espanya for an amazing display of pyrotechnics and fireworks!

During this night you can also experience the 12 Grapes Tradition. This involves eating 12 grapes in the first 12 seconds of the New Year, or else you will get bad luck for the whole of the New Year! If you want to just watch or try and do this tradition, you will no doubt have fun experiencing it!
Antoni Gaudi’s masterpieces are not too far away from La Rambla, so you can appreciate the incredible architecture on this special night.

Wherever you are in Barcelona, you will be able to experience the incredible firework displays they have. A truly memorable experience!



Istanbul in recent years has become more popular as a travel destination, so it’s not a surprise to see it on this list! You can experience the traditional Turkish way how to see in the New Year!
Start off by having a traditional Turkish meze dinner, which consists of; white cheese, melon, pepper paste, eggplant salad and a whole other of unique ingredients! It will make your night a whole lot different than if you spent it back home!
After your dinner you can join crowds waiting for the countdown in areas of Istanbul like Taksim, where you can join in with the street parties!

If a street party isn’t your thing, just like Paris, you can book a river cruise along Bosphorus or a romantic dinner on the riverside overlooking the fireworks!
If you want more of a party atmosphere, there are many parties going on across the city.

best places to celebrate new year's eve


If you are brave and want to tackle the cold for New Year´s Eve, then Krakow is the place for you, as New Year’s Eve here is a big deal!
The main events are held in the main square as locals and tourist alike, celebrate together! As you wait for the countdown the entertainment begins, Polish music stars hold free rock concert for all! What a treat! Then the countdown begins and as it comes to midnight, the bells from St. Mary´s Cathedral ring to start the fireworks!
An experience that you must witness!

If you want a warmer celebration, reserve a table at nearby restaurants where you will be treated with 3 course meals and champagne to celebrate the New Year!
Nightlife for New Year´s Eve here has been referred to as “Wild”, so if this is for you, it is recommended you buy your tickets as soon as possible!
Whichever type of celebration you are looking for, Krakow has it!

best places to celebrate new year's eve

Europe’s cities have some of the best New Year’s Eve celebrations across the world! If you are booking a last minute trip or planning for next year, make sure you visit one of these cities! If you are looking for accomodation, check here.

This New Year’s Eve if you are abroad or at home, all of us at Waytostay wish you a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

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