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November 17, 2016

City Bike Tour in Amsterdam

Welcome to the city of bicycles! Cycling is one of the best ways to get around in Amsterdam, and no visitor should leave without experiencing the city’s world famous bike culture.

This city bike tour will take you to a couple of the most well-known places in Amsterdam. Safe trip and enjoy your stay!
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A short overview of the tour

11130f2bb39140680d1d36a341d815db-copy Km 0 – Station Square

The bike tour starts in front of the central station. The busy yet beautiful station captures Amsterdam perfectly; an historic city in the modern world.
Life is fast paced but the buildings are timeless.

Km 4 – Leidseplein

One of the hot spots in Amsterdam is the Leidseplein. Here you are able to enjoy a nice lunch at one of the many cafés and restaurants in the area.
After sun is down this place is packed with people enjoying the Amsterdam nightlife .

Km 5 – Vondelpark

If you have had enough of the busy streets, crowds, the fast paced life and desperately in need of a break .
The Vondelpark can provide you with a welcome escape, with its 47,000 km squared it has a lot to offer.
In the park there plenty of activities you can do; you could cycle a round trip in the park and see it completely, sit back and relax or take a coffee at one of the bistro’s in the park .

Km 6 – Museum Route

Continue cycling, follow the route and you’ll find yourself at the museum square . Here you will find the van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum and the Stedelijk museum Amsterdam.
If you have the time, I would strongly recommend you to visit all of them. The collections that are on display are absolutely master pieces from world renowned painters .

Km 7.5 – A little bit of everything

The Albert Cuypmarkt is a long street with market stalls as far as the eye can see . Here you can get absolutely everything; from delicious food to typical gifts from Amsterdam.

This is a really nice place to spend your Saturday strolling around checking out the stalls.

Km 10.5 – The red light district

The red light district is something you have probably heard about already. And if I am honest, I think that all the crazy things you’ve heard about it are probably true.
Besides all the crazy and funky things going on there, the red light district (de wallen) is the oldest part of Amsterdam with lots of old buildings and distinctive architecture.

Km 11 – The Dam Square

The Dam square is the heart of the city , with the main shopping street leading to the square it. the royal palace, the nieuwe kerk and the national monument.


If you are planning to take a trip to Amsterdam, taking a city bike tour is an absolute must!

The many narrow streets, alley ways and canals make bikes the perfect way to get around.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore the city of Amsterdam on its best; the scenic canals & bridges and historic buildings.

Besides it being the most fun way of exploring the city, it is also the most efficient way.
Throughout the city you’ll find many paved lanes especially for bikes.
Many people in Amsterdam travel by bike because traveling by car is a no go and using the public transportation can be crowed from time to time.
I guess that is why there are more bicycles than people in Amsterdam. So, when you visit Amsterdam you have to explore it by bike otherwise you haven’t really visited Amsterdam.

Useful information

Here are a couple of companies where you can rent a bike and/or take a city bike tour:

This like will direct you to the site of Amsterdam. You can find all sort of additional information here.

Here you can find an instructional video of “getting around on a bike in Amsterdam”

Cycling in Amsterdam is very easy; throughout the city you will find special lanes for bicycles.

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