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November 21, 2016

City Bike Tour in Berlin

There is no better way to discover Berlin than to take a bike tour and explore all the famous landmarks, squares and museums!

We have designed a route that takes you to the best landmarks that spreads across 9km and picks out the best places to rest and stretch your legs!
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A short overview of the tour

Km 0 – Alexanderplatz
Here is your start and finish point. Your closest metro station is the S+U Alexanderplatz where you have a number of lines to different areas of Berlin.
Before the city bike tour has even begun you can explore one of the landmarks yourself. Here is the Television Tower – the tallest building in Germany.
Here you can enjoy a 360 degree view of Berlin!

Km 0.7 – Rotes Rathaus
Rotes Rathaus is the town hall of Berlin. It´s use of red bricks also gave it the name of the Red Town Hall. Inside you can visit it´s exhibitions and galleries Monday to Friday.

Km 1 – Museum Island
For those history and culture lovers, this is the place for you. If you would like to make a scheduled stop here and take a look inside the museums you can.

Km 2.5 – Ephraim-Palais
Explore the most “beautiful corner of Berlin” as it is has come to have been known. It´s rococo late Baroque style architecture holds many local museums and holds a place for history and art.

Km 4.5 – Berliner Philharmonie
Being ranked as having the World´s Best Orchestra, the Berliner Philharmonie is not something to miss.

Km 5.8 – Der Rufer
Der Rufer is a statue created by Gerhard Marcks. People of Berlin often refer to this as an interpretation of a call for peace.

Km 5.9 – Brandenburg Gate
Brandenburg Gate is one of the most famous landmarks in Berlin. It is a reflection of German Classicalism and unity.
Once used to divide the east from the west is now known as a place for peace! A great photo opportunity also!

Km 6.4 – Reichstag Building
The mirror of German History but also a place that holds Parliament. After several re-modelling´ s, it is now a building of modernism whilst keeping its originality.
This is a great place for a photo opportunity and to get some knowledge of German History.

Km 8.5 – Berlin Cathedral
This Cathedral is one of the works of the Historicist architecture, be mesmerized as you take in the beauty of this building!
King Frederick William IV decided to add onto the dome and build the cathedral as he wanted it to reflect magnificence. Once you see it, you will be able to see why!
So that is it! We hope you enjoy our city bike tour of Berlin! Make sure to see all the landmarks and all the cafes and shops in between!
Make sure to take a picture and post it on Instagram and use #waytostay so we can see that you loved it!


Where to bike in Berlin?

Exploring Berlin by bike allows you to see much more in Berlin and experience more landmarks!
Whether you go and visit the Berlin Wall Memorial or if you cycle next to the River Spree there is something for everyone!

We love the route that starts in Mitte and takes you around all the famous landmarks! Although this route itself should take a maximum of 30 minutes, you have 24 hours on the bike you rented!
If you wanted to go into some of the landmarks on this route you have the time to do so!

You will also find on this map the top spots for the keen photographers but also for those who want to take a quick break and look around the shops.
There are also café´s and restaurants as well if you want to make a lunch or dinner break!

The best thing about Berlin is how close everything is to each other, so you have plenty of time to take it slow and steady and enjoy what Berlin has to offer!

Useful information

There are a variety of places for you to rent bikes for the day or more if you haven´t had enough of Berlin and want to explore more! These are some of the places that we recommend!

Berlin and Bike
Berlin on Bike
Fat Tire Tours

From adult bikes to children´s bikes, you have the option to suit all needs!

Enjoy your city bike tour in Berlin!

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