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October 19, 2016

Breakfast to Dinner – Specialities in 5 countries

Being fortunate enough to travel around the world and to experience different cultures has never stopped to amaze me.
My passion and love for travel and food always leads me to the most beautiful places on earth. I love having the best of both worlds; on one hand seeing amazing places and on the other hand experiencing the great tastes of all kind of different cultures is absolutely amazing.

Here you’ll find some cultures and their eating habits. I hope this will inspire you to travel and try as many things as possible.



breakfast The best thing about a Thai breakfast is that it is so diverse. It cannot be summarised in one specific dish, which is great!
The more choice there is, the bigger the chance that there will be something that you like.
A Thai breakfast can be anything from a soup to some grilled meat in the morning … yes grilled meat how crazy is that?!


lunchAt lunch I usually eat a noodle soup, which is the most common dish for the midday meal.
A noodle soup usually consists of noodles, a potent and broth which is bursting with flavour, vegetables and meat or fish.
You can, if you like, add a little fish sauce to make it a bit sourer, a little bit of sugar as a sweetener, and a small amount of chili to give it a little kick.

dinnerMy absolute favourite curry has to be the Massaman cury.
This southern Thai dish usually contains coconut milk, roasted peanuts or cashews, potatoes, bay leaves, cardamom pods, cinnamon, palm sugar, fish sauce, chili, and tamarind sauce.
I typically have it with chicken and rice. I love the silky smooth, nutty flavor of the sauce and the overall heartiness of the dish.

In Thailand you can basically get whatever food you want whenever you want. The differences between breakfast, lunch and dinner seem to be non- existent! It is mostly based on personal preferences.


breakfastIn Morocco, hardly any meal is served without bread on the table; this is no different for breakfast.
For breakfast the Moroccans usually eat flatbread dipped into various oils or spreads such as olive oil, cheese, butter, jam or other spreads.
Along with this you can have some delicious Moroccan tea. Tea is the preferred hot beverage in many Moroccan homes and if you go outside you can get it everywhere.

lunchFor many Moroccans, lunch takes place at home, where a lot of families eat the midday meal together before going back to work.
The meal starts with green vegetables or salads, which are followed by tagine, a stew or soup.
Hard-boiled eggs, bread, lamb or chicken and couscous are common parts of a Moroccan lunch as well.


dinner Moroccan cuisine is famous for its amazing tagine and couscous dishes. The most common one is the couscous with seven vegetables.
Any traditional steamed couscous dish qualifies as Moroccan comfort food. Steamed couscous is piled high with stewed meat and vegetables – very delicious!


breakfastDesayuno Argentino: breakfast Argentinian style. The traditional Argentine breakfast is made up of pastries such as medialunas, facturas, and bizcochos.
And it’s often enjoyed with a cafecito, café con leche, tea, mate, and orange juice.
But to be honest, Argentines don’t enjoy large breakfasts; more often than not they just have a quick snack before heading off to work.

lunchA common dish that Argentines eat for lunch is empanadas, which are also quite common in other Spanish speaking countries.

An empanada is made of dough that is then filled with various ingredients. The most classic fillings include meat, chicken, ham and cheese, mozzarella and tomato.
At some restaurants, you can even get whole-wheat variations with vegetarian fillings such as pumpkin or zucchini.


dinnerArgentina is famous for its meat and the Argentines are proud of it. They absolutely love organising huge BBQs with every cut of meat you could possibly imagine.
For example, sausages, steaks, ribs and so much more … And the best thing is that it is not only a typical weekend activity, it’s practically mandatory.

So, if you’re a meat lover Argentina will be like heaven for you.


breakfastMost Swedes eat breakfast at home before heading out to work or school.
Breakfast is generally simple: bread, coffee and a bowl of yoghurt or a dairy product and cereals are often found on a Swedish breakfast table, or perhaps a bowl of oatmeal with fruits or berries. Depending on where you’re from this is either very exciting or super dull.

lunchA Swedish lunch typically means a proper cooked meal. Swedes love to set aside enough time for lunch so they can enjoy their meal without the rush.
Common lunch dishes are yellow pea soup, oven pancakes or a salmon based dish. It is also common for Swedes to bring boxed meals to work and eat the leftovers from the day before.


dinnerA Swedish dinner party is normally a very casual and relaxed event, a chance for friends to socialise and share a few laughs.
It is a chance to escape from the limitations of a hectic working week and focus entirely on food and pleasure.
At times like these, the Swedes with find comfort in dishes like Kavring crostinis with goat’s cheese and cloudberries, oven-baked cod with brown butter, shrimps and grated horseradish and salted toffee pie with frozen blackberries.



breakfastA Turkish breakfast usually starts off with a well-prepared tea. Even though Turkish coffee has its name from this nation, when it comes to breakfast, Turks are definitely tea people.
The most common type of bread is white flat bread, but nowadays, where people are attempting to eat healthier, there are also now different kinds of grain breads available.
Finding a restaurant that serves a Turkish breakfast is not difficult, they’re almost everywhere in Istanbul.
From cafes to pastry shops, as well as most of the restaurants: everywhere serves breakfast.


lunchAt lunch the Turkish often eat a Pide, also known as “Turkish pizza”, which is a boat-shaped flatbread served with a variety of toppings, often minced meat or spinach and cheese.
It is sooo delicious! Another popular dish is dürüm. Similar to a burrito, it is made of slow cooked chicken, lamb, or beef served inside a wrap. The perfect takeaway food!


dinnerA popular dinner dish at any kebab house is iskender kebab, which is made of long strips of lamb cooked in tomato sauce and served over rice and pita bread with yogurt.
A healthy alternative is Dolma. Dolma is a lovely stuffed vegetable. Stuffed vine leaves are the most popular in Turkey, but so are stuffed peppers, courgettes, and aubergine.
Definitely a food to try if you’re in Turkey!

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