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December 28, 2016

15 panoramas to visit Lisbon differently

Do you wonder what are the things to do in lisbon?

The city of seven hills has a considerable amount of secret corners, with many, leading to incredible panoramas !
From the height of its “miradouros”, the Portuguese capital is even more beautiful to look at.
Whether it is for a simple stop in your day of exploration, or for a well-deserved drink during the sunset; do not miss to guide your steps towards at least one of these 15 scenic views.

PS: These points of view will also allow you to have a better understanding of the city and its various districts. So do not hesitate to visit Lisbon from a different perspective, keep reading and tell us which view in Lisbon is your favourite! If you’re looking for the perfect apartment in Lisbon, it’s right here.

1. Miradouro de Santa Catarina

This mirador is ideal if you want to spend a nice evening in the company of the youth of Lisbon.
Take the opportunity to sit back at a kiosk terrace, where prices are cheap; or bask in the crowd and sit on a slab like many other people do.

Everyone can enjoy sipping a drink while chatting with friends and admiring the sunset on the Tagus, its 25 April Bridge and the city.

left: @ahm.robertright: @nickgentsidis

2. Elevador de Santa Justa

This elevator was built in 1900, in the Baixa district, to allow the population of Lisbon of easily climbing the hill when the heat of the Sun was too strong during the summer months.

Rising to the top of the metallic structure, in the heart of Lisbon, and then to observe a stunning view of the red-tinted roofs is very enjoyable!

All of this without a drop of sweat!

things to do in lisbon @joiturrieta

3. Miradouro da Graça

A pleasant and umbrageous point of view from which you can relax at the end of the day. Why not get a well-deserved fresh drink!
You can reach the mirador by foot if you still have enough energy after a day of visit, or take the famous tram 28.

things to do in lisbon@diogofilipemendes

4. Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara

This mirador is located in the Bairro Alto. In the middle of this popular square, a fountain and small cafes around which many groups of musicians play.

It is preferable to go there in the morning if you wish avoid the crowd.

things to do in lisbon@anagorgulho13

5. Basílica da Estrela

The magnificent basilica da Estrela, with its baroque and neoclassical architecture design, has more to offer than its look…
Inside, find the stairs that lead to the roof and admire the view from this point of view that is unknown by most touristic circuits.

things to do in lisbon@fnicholas22

6. Miradouro das Portas do Sol

At its low height, this viewpoint is easily accessible (keep in mind that we are still talking about Lisbon! ). It offers a magnificent view on the colorful roofs of Lisbon illuminated vibrantly by the Sun.
This viewpoint is highly popular, so it will be crowded with tourists most of the time.

The best time to go up there is when the Sun rises, as you will be most likely alone and we guarantee that you will not regret having to woke up so early! The name “Portas do Sol” (Doors of the Sun) will then make a lot of sense…

things to do in lisbon@daniel__reb

7. Miradouro da Nossa Senhora do Monte

On the highest point of Graça district with Lisbon at your feet, in an unknown spot from touristics circuits… All of that, giving you a sensational view on the castle of Sao Jorge, the Alfama and the Tagus.

Not far from here you will find kiosks for breakfast meals or for a cold beer as the sun sets.

things to do in lisbon@imjoshgo

8. Miradouro de Santa Luzia

If you are going up or down from the castle of Sao Jorge, take a break in this haven of peace for a little rest and to enjoy the view which is overlooking the heart of the Alfama district.

The Tagus and the top of Lisbon’s houses will never seem as magical and as atypical if you go there in the morning before 10am, so that you can enjoy the place on your own.

left: @dalma_martinoright: @giuliaobadia

9. Castelo de Sao Jorge

You can visit the castle and enjoy a sumptuous and unique view over the whole city for the price of 8.50 € (5 € if you are a student, there are also discounted rates for families).

This is probably the most popular attraction for tourists visiting Lisbon.

left: @lisartyeahright: @blackberry_9617

10. Padrão dos Descobrimentos

This monument is located in Belém on the banks of the Tagus River. This tower, shaped like a caravel boat, symbolizes and pays tribute to the Portuguese navigators for the conquest of the world.

If you wish, an elevator will lead you to the top of the tower for 4 €. From up there, a view on Belém and Lisbon.
You will also be able to admire the big world map drawn on the ground more easily.

things to do in lisbon@celiodacruz

11. Parque Eduardo VII

The view from the top of this park is absolutely stunning!

things to do in lisbon@julaurens

12. Praça do Comércio

This is the largest square in Lisbon and one of the most important transport hubs in the capital. It is also an historical place as the square was built following the dramatic earthquake of 1755.

On the north of the square is the Arco da Rua Augusta. From its terraces (2.50 € / entrance) you will have a beautiful view of the square and the Tagus. On the south, stairs lead down to the banks of the river from which you can have a magnificent and openview of the river and the horizon.

things to do in lisbon@helenamlinhares

13. Cristo Rei

With a little imagination you might trick yourself into believing you are in Rio de Janeiro! This imposing Portuguese Corcovado overlooks the Tagus River, the bridge of 25 April and the city of Lisbon.

You have to leave Lisbon for the city of Almada by taking ferries and buses. The ride to get there can be a bit long but the view from above (5 €) is spectacular!!

things to do in lisbon@williamheubner

14. Monasteiro de São Vicente de Fora

This monastery is as magnificent inside and out.

If you are there for the view, then go up the terrace roof of the building (4 €) and you will have an amazing 360° panoramic view over Lisbon.

things to do in lisbon@tonyshangzheng

15. Passeio das Tágides

Far from the city center, this bank is in a more modern and less touristy part.

By the water, it is a nice place and different from the rest of the city.

left: @jebusphotoright: @niclargg

There are so many miradors like the one that we listed above. All offer exceptional views, so it is up to you to explore Lisbon and its seven hills to make up your own opinion on them.

Perhaps on your way to one of the 15 panoramas you will stumble into one that is not on this list.
So go explore and do not hesitate to tell us which one is YOUR favourite!


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