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March 1, 2017

Visit Seville in 48 hours

Seville, the capital of Andalusia; also known for its Flamenco, Moorish architecture and artistic heritage.
This charming city is home to 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites, making it the perfect place for culture lovers and also the great opportunity to experience traditional Spanish culture as there are always things to do in Seville.

Following on from the Visit Krakow in 48 Hours, we thought we would treat you to more 48 Hours Guides! Aren’t you lucky!

Looking for accommodation? Look no further and find yourself a great apartment in Seville.

Still interested? Great! Continue reading below to see how you can visit Seville in 48 Hours.

things to do in Seville

When you visit Seville, make sure you choose the right time of year. Seville has a very welcomed Mediterranean climate throughout the year, in summer, it can reach up to 40 degrees Celsius and in winter, can go as low as 4 degrees.

Seville has been described as romantic, sophisticated and laid back; so is perfect for any type of holiday, especially this 48 Hour Guide!

things to do in Seville 8am – Lets Eat!

Any normal day wouldn’t be right without breakfast, especially with a full day of adventure seeking ahead of you!

Expect to eat like a local when you visit Seville, think lots of coffee, toast with meats and orange juice. However, you can expect to find some other options such as muesli and bakeries.

Read this article by The Spain Scoop for some great ideas on where to go for breakfast in Seville. Lots of options to choose from and is really giving us some envy!

things to do in Seville 11am – Get Your Camera Ready
It is time to discover the main attraction, the setting in which is plastered all over Google, Instagram and your Seville Travel Guide. You are about to visit Plaza de España.

Located in Parque de Maria Luisa, this architectural masterpiece exterior is enough to make you speechless, so get your camera and take a few snaps.

Lucky for all of you, this is free to enter! Built in 1929 by Anibal Gonzalez for an Ibero-American Exhibition, lots of history is in the detail of this beautiful plaza. There are many things for you to do here such as take advantage of the 500 metre canal, rent a boat and explore the “Venice of Seville”. Only costs 5 euros for 45 minutes!things to do in SevilleSomething for the kids and family.
The 4 bridges represent the 4 ancient kingdoms of Spain – Castile, Navarre, Aragon and Leon with 48 alcoves representing each of the provinces of Spain. You have 50,000 square metres of history to uncover!

Architecture and culture is sometimes not as appealing to children as it is to adults, on your way to this landmark why not take horse and carriage to make it more exciting. You could also rent a bike and grab an ice cream outside the plaza if you are feeling peckish.

Any Star Wars fans out there? Good, because here is where a scene in Episode II: Attack of the Clones was filmed.

things to do in Seville 1pm – Comida

In other words … FOOD!
No one knows their food quite like Spain does! Especially in Seville. To come to Spain and not eat gazpacho, paella or tapas would be a crime, a crime against traditions. We are only kidding, but really, try some gazpacho and paella; it’s things to do in Seville.

Gazpacho is a typical Spanish Dish with roots from Southern Spain, you will find it in typical tapas restaurants and is more like a drink than food. It is a cold soup made from raw vegetables, especially great in the summer.

Gazpacho is mainly part of tapas dishes which are normally eaten in the evening, so maybe try some paella as it will fill you up for the rest of the day. For lunch time, heavy food is normally eaten as it is very rich. However, if it is a very hot day, no one can turn down some cooling gazpacho!

Taste-buds tingling yet?

Read this Tripadvisor Page on where to find the best Paella in Seville!
You are bound to find Gazpacho everywhere in Seville, so don’t worry on trying to find places!

things to do in Seville 3pm – Architect´s Paradise

Calling architecture aficionados! Casa de Pilatos has been said to be the place for those who love culture, and we agree.

This Andalusian style palace was once the residence of the Duke of Medinaceli and is known as the noblest building in Seville. It was constructed in 1483, and with the two charming patios, it seems easy to just stop and stare for a moment.
To enter the house it costs 8 euros or 6 euros just for the upper house, not a bad price for a grand landmark.

What makes the palace so distinct and unique is the mix between renaissance and mudéjar style; along with the tranquil gardens it makes a great visit and one of the great things to do in Seville.

You will also find azulejos around the patio; we mentioned azulejos in our Porto article. They are a mixture of Spanish and Portuguese tin-glazed ceramic tile work.

5pm – Museo de Bellas Artes
things to do in Seville
For those who love museums, Seville offers something for you too! This great museum offers work from modern Spanish Visuals all the way from the medieval period to the 20th century.

You can visit the fabulous works of Pacheco and El Greco to name a few, all for just 1.50 euros. I know, we can´t believe it either!

Like the Libreria Lello in charming Porto, this museum also forbids the use of mobile phones. Take this as an opportunity to refresh, properly take in the experience and forget about social media for a day! It is essential to take a little time for yourself when you visit Seville.

things to do in Seville 7pm – Time for Tapas

Just like we said before, it would be a crime against tourism and traditions if you did not sample the best of Seville’s tapas.

There is something for everyone, from vegetables, meats … we could go on and on but we can’t so we will give you a few of our favourites to try!

Albondigas – Meatballs that are often Pork but can be beef as well.
Patatas Bravas – small fried potato wedges served with a hot spicy aioli sauce.
Jamon Iberico – slightly cured strips of ham, a staple food of Spain.

Make sure to read this guide on Tapas by Sevilla Tapas so you know what to expect!

8pm/9pm – Metropol
things to do in Seville

The Metropol or otherwise known as Las Setas de la Encarnación is a wooden structure based on 6 parasols and 4 levels which overlook the area of Seville. It is also a great place to end your day and rest looking over the view.

Located in the old quarter of Seville, it was inspired by the vaults of cathedral and the trees of Plaza de Cristo de Burgos. The architect who built this great landmark is Jurgen Mayer. He started constructing in 2005 and it wasn’t finished until 2011. The modern style and the mixture of old architecture integrate well in this city.

Las Setas offers you a wide range of things to do in Seville, the underground level you will find roman and Moorish remains. On street level there is a market and public plaza and on the 2nd and 3rd level there are restaurants and viewpoints.

There is only a 3 euro charge for entrance, but with views like that, I’m sure 3 euros seems like nothing! For more tips on what to see and do in Seville with a great interview about the city read this fantastic Seville article by Story V.

things to do in Seville

Here we go again for another jam-packed day full of adventure, architecture and culture. Today you will see more fantastic UNESCO World Heritage Sites and in the evening relax in a beautiful area of Seville. If you need more information on Seville, make sure to read this Lonely Planet guide. including maps and a survival guide.

We hope you had a good night’s sleep and are ready for another day of exploring all the things to do in Seville, we know we are!

9am – Let´s Get Royal

things to do in Seville
Let´s start off as we mean to go on and visit the royal palace that is the Alcázar of Seville, originally developed by Moorish Muslim Kings, this phenomenal building was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987.
What makes this place so special is that it is acknowledged as the survival of cultures and civilians and brings harmony to Seville. That beautiful testament should be enough to want to visit.

You have lots to explore here, from gothic patio and halls to the enchanting gardens, get lost in this grand palace for a price of 9.50 Euros!
things to do in Seville

For more information on opening times and prices, head over to Visita Sevilla website.

The experience begins before you have even entered the palace, to enter you need to enter via the Lion’s Gate, decorated with azulejos it acted as a defence barrier. From here you head into the Lion’s Patio, which leads onto Patio de la Monteria. The patios are bordered with a palace, in which was the home of King Pedro.

Take your time here whilst you take in all the history and culture.

things to do in Seville 12pm – Seville Cathedral

This beautiful cathedral took over a century to build; from 1204 to 1506 it definitely deserves it´s title of UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Also known as Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Sea, it is the largest Gothic Cathedral in the World and the 3rd largest Cathedral in the World … you can´t miss out on this!

According to many sources, church elders said “Hagamos una iglesia tan hermosa y tan grandiosa que los que la vieren labrada nos tengan por locos.” Which basically translates as “Let us build a church so beautiful and so magnificent that those who see it finished will think we are mad”.
things to do in Seville

For a church standing at 42 metres and a size of 11,520m2, it is easy to see why it is so popular in the ‘things to do in Seville’ by tourists and that statement by the church elders seems true! Although, maybe mad isn’t the correct word, talented is more appropriate.

Read this article written by Kate on the cathedral and 3 other fantastic attractions in Seville if you want more information!
Next to the cathedral is the Giralda, a bell tower which was the tallest building in the city for over 800 years.
So what does that mean? Do glad you asked! If you climb up there, you will get some great panoramic shots and views of Seville.
Prices: General 9 € and students 4 €.

things to do in Seville
2pm – Lunch

We hope that we gave you enough information about Gazpacho, Paella and Tapas yesterday to experience what traditional Spanish Food is like.

So perhaps that Paella you enjoyed yesterday or Patatas Bravas you loved (or any other food), you will have for lunch. Or… you can try some more traditional food, like they say “When in Rome”… or in this case “When in Seville!”. Need more information on which restaurants to visit? Make sure to read this Fodor´s Guide on where to eat and a lot more advices and things to in Seville!

things to do in Seville 4pm – Wander Around

Take a stroll around Barrio de Santa Cruz, a popular district for tourists when they visit Seville. It was a former Jewish Quarter and what most people claim to be the most picturesque; most likely due to its narrow streets and white washed houses.

In this completely different side of Seville, streets are filled with orange trees and ancient houses lean forward, it can make you feel as if you are travelling back in time…

All the synagogues that were there were changed into churches once the Christians took over the area.
Nearby you can also find the Jardines de Murillo, perfect if you want a change of pace from the tourist filled streets.
Find the swaying palm trees and azulejos ornaments and take your time to sit down and close your eyes for 10 minutes, maybe more as you enjoy your relaxing afternoon.

After exploring, take a walk back to your accommodation and have a “siesta”, well deserved we think, before you head off to the Triana district for dinner.

things to do in Seville 7pm – Cross the Bridge to Triana

The Triana district is known for its independent identity, known as “the independent republic of Triana”. It is an old quarter with many Roman and Muslim influences yet still has its own unique character.

Flamenco dancers and Bullfighters used to roam the streets here, although these things to do in Seville don’t happen here anymore, they left their mark as the colourful streets makes this area so distinct.

To reach this charming area, walk across the bridge also known as Puente de Triana, for dinner head to Calle Betis. This street runs along the waterfront and you have a great selection of atmospheric tapas bar, which is was this area is known for.

Whilst you’re having dinner, admire the beautiful scenery around you, you have a great view of the Torre del Oro and the Giralda.

So… how did you find your 48 hour adventure in Seville? Did you enjoy it? We do hope so! When you visit Seville make sure you take pictures and tag us in your pictures with #Waytostay and do not hesitate to tell us what other things to do in Seville you advise!

Leave comments below to let us know what you thought of your trip to Seville and what you enjoyed the most!

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