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January 23, 2017

Visit Krakow in 48 hours

Krakow, also known as Poland’s capital of culture. Known for its medieval core, Jewish quarter and fairy-tale buildings, this is a city you must not miss!
It is also great to visit Krakow if you’re on a budget!

Following on from our Porto article, we are showing you how to spend 48 hours in Krakow!
Whether you are there for the delights of the local food (to all you foodies out there!) or to walk around and discover the rich history of the city, there is something for everyone! There is also accommodation for everyone’s taste, for example those beautiful apartments in Krakow!

visit krakow

They say the best way to start the day is to have a good breakfast: time to head to Bagelmama!

Located behind the Old Synagogue, the New-York style interior is a nice contrast before your day of history exploration! Whether you have a sweet tooth or fancy something savoury, you can have it here for breakfast!

10am – Go For a Walk

After your visit to Bagelmama, it is time to go for a stroll up to Wawel Castle.
Start at Planty Park, being one of the largest parks in Krakow there is plenty to look at! Once a place for battles, it is now the “lung of the city” with plenty of greenery to take your breath away.

Wawel Hill is perfect for those culture lovers, as it reflects the history of Krakow and it is where the Polish Monarchs lived from the 11th Century.
Head off to the courtyard and wander down the back side of the hill before you come to see a promenade at the green river banks!

Stroll and take in the beauty of the nature of Krakow before you come to a steel-arched footbridge which takes you to the Jewish Quarter of Krakow.

1pm – Let’s Have Lunch

It is time to discover Kazimierz, the Jewish Quarter of Krakow. The Jewish areas of cities are known for their charm, character and winding streets and Kazimierz is no different! It is a must see place when you visit Krakow!

After being prominent in Jewish Culture for 500 years, it got destroyed in World War II.
With the exposure from Steven Spielberg in his movie “Schindler’s List” and the fall of Communism in the country in 1989, this district rebirthed to become a cool and lively neighborhood!

Known for its historical sights, galleries and monuments it is the perfect place for some lunch! Check out these places to eat some typical Polish food! You have to try Dumplings at some point!

Pod Wawalem Kompania Kuflowa
Dawno Temu Na Kazimierzu

3pm – Straight to the Market

You will have the experience of being able to shop and treat yourself to something in the main market square, which is over 700 years old!
Its most prominent feature is Cloth Hall! Dating back to the Renaissance period you can see why it’s a must see!
Named as an “architectural marvel” you can buy souvenirs such as jewellery, wood carvings and much more!

Experience traditional Polish Markets!

5pm – Getting Cultured

After being originally destroyed in the 13th Century, St Mary´s Basilica was rebuilt in a gothic style.

It was made iconic when its North Tower was raised to 80m and made into a watch tower.
From there, you can hear the “hejnał” (literally pronounced Hey-now), a melodic bugle call played every hour from the South Tower.

The 7 trumpeters, that are responsible for perpetuating this tradition, play in turn every day and every hour of the year since at least 1936! Some trumpeters like he Kołton’s family, father and son, have been taking part in this tradition since 1971.

7pm – Smacznego!

In other words… ‘Enjoy your meal’! Time to tuck into some more Polish Cuisine! Krakow is known for its hidden gems and its gastronomy, so why not take more advantage of the local delicacies by visiting these restaurants!

Restauracja Pod Norenami
Zakladka Bistro

Are you ready for another day of adventure? Of course you are!

Yesterday, you discovered the centre of Krakow and all of its wonderful districts. Now, we think it is time for you to delve a bit further outside of Krakow and do some tours!
For a city that is so cultural, you have so many tours to tell you the history of Krakow!

It´s time to learn some new facts about this city!

9am – Going Underground

One of the most popular tours is the Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour! Visited by over 1 million people a year this 4 hour tour is worth the price!

Located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site and being in such great condition, inside it shows the development of mining throughout the years.
You will go down 135 metres by foot, but do not worry… there is a lift straight up to the top.

If you want to take pictures of this incredible experience, you need to buy permission from Saint Kinga’s Chapel!
As you are only in the Mine for 2 hours and there is no lunch break, make sure you bring snacks for the journey there and back!

For more information on this tour and many others that might be interesting to you, click here.

4pm – Learn More about Poland

If you are still up for more culture and haven’t had enough of Krakow, get down to the National Museum of Kraków!

If you are tired from the tour, go and have some rest before dinner!

There are many different exhibitions and departments for you to work your way around. The most interesting being the permanent 20th-century Polish Art exhibition.

The entrance is free on Sundays and costs roughly 11 Polish Zloty (€2.50) on other days – you can’t go wrong!

7pm – Try Some Street Food

If you want a really unique way to dine when you visit Krakow, it is time to visit Judah Square Food Truck Park.
Open until 10pm and until midnight on Sundays, it is the perfect place to tuck into some authentic Polish Food and sit outside and enjoy the atmosphere.


The trucks do change, so you never know what you will find, which makes it all the more fun!
However, you can expect Belgian-style chips, burgers, pulled pork sandwiches and much more!


9pm – Sweet Tooth

For those with a sweet tooth, you will love this next stop!

Go to Krakowska Manufaktura Czekolady, a chocolate café and shop! Yes, you read that correctly! A shop and a café dedicated to chocolate!

Selling everything from Chocolate Bars to Chocolate Bars with greetings for only 20 Polish Zloty (€4.60), you can´t not spend some of your hard earned money here!If you fancy a late night treat, order some hot chocolate, pancakes or chocolate cake …
Just take a look at their Facebook page and you will understand why we are so excited about this!

So there you have it, a comprehensive guide on how to spend 48 Hours in Krakow!
Whenever you visit this great city, make sure to tag us in any photos with #waytostay.

Have an incredible trip and make some great memories!


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  1. I haven’t been to Krakow yet but you’ve given me a great itinerary to start my visit with Molly. My daughter ‘enjoyed’ her visit to the Salt Mine and has already told me not to miss it when we go! I’m a big fan of food tours so that will be added in too!

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