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January 12, 2017

Visit Porto in 48 Hours

Porto, a beautiful coastal city boasting incredible views, cobbled streets and its famous Port wine.
You are probably asking yourself: How is it possible to see everything in 2 days?
We are here to show you how!

Spend an unforgettable weekend in Porto !

Why not rent an amazing apartment with a view in Porto ?
Below we have put together a guide on how to explore this charming Portuguese city in just 48 hours and make your weekend a memorable stay.
So go ahead, take notes, grab your camera and visit Porto!

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The best way to spend your first day in Porto is to see all the famous landmarks, appreciate the architecture and learn more about the history of this great city!

9am – Tourist Information Centre

Start by heading to the Tourist Information Centre located at Rua Clube dos Fenianos, you will be able to find maps and more information for your weekend in Porto. This is located in the heart of Porto and is only a short distance away from all the important monuments.

9.30am – Livraria Lello

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From the tourist centre, head to Livraria Lello, considered one of the most beautiful libraries in the world and it’s not hard to see why!
Escape from reality and social media in here as no phones are allowed!

It is believed that this beautiful building inspired J.K Rowling’s ideas for the library in Harry Potter, due to its incredible design and architecture. It has a beautiful neo-gothic exterior and inside you will find a magnificent staircase, wooden walls and stained glass ceiling.
Take your time and remember this building as you will not be able to capture it in your phone!

10.30am – Clerigos Tower

Nearby the bookshop is Clerigos Tower, perfect if you want to get great views of the city and take some photos!
Warning for those with a fear of heights, the way up is a bit of a climb and very tight for space, but it will all be worth it when you see the view.

It is one of Porto’s most characteristic landmarks, a baroque bell tower in the heart of the city it can be seen from across Porto!

11.30am – Sao Bento Train Station

To experience the beautiful “Azulejos” in Porto, head to Sao Bento Train Station. It may seem strange to visit train stations as part of a weekend away but it is worth it in Porto!

Azulejos are traditional Portuguese tiles that are prominent by their use of the colour blue.
In this historical train station, you can find the Azulejos representing the history of Porto.

There are said to be 20,000 tiles which were first put up in 1905, by one of the most important painters Jorge Colaço.

1pm – Majestic Café

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By this time you may need a bit of a rest and some food before you see some more landmarks.

There are so many cafes for you to choose from; however we recommend going to the Majestic Café. Popular amongst the locals and tourists, this unique café with its incredible interior is the best place for you to rest but still experience Porto.

It is known as the most beautiful café in Porto, as well as in the world as it dates back to 1921! It is located just by the Sao Bento Station on the main road into the city called Santa Catarina Street. It´s incredible architecture on its front is hard to miss and the surprises don’t stop there. As you go inside you can see why it is named Majestic as its interior is as elegant as the outside!

After being refurbished in 1994 to bring back the glamour from the 1920´s, its “Elite” theme is prominent throughout.
Enjoy this beautiful café and treat yourself to a well-deserved drink and meal, it is a must for any Porto City Break!

4pm – Mercado de Bolhao

After tasting some of Porto´s finest food it is time for a stroll, and there is no place better than the Mercado de Bolhao.
Dating back to 1860, in 2006 it was classified as a place of public interest. Surrounded by neo-classical buildings, the market has a very unique ambiance.

You can find local farmers and butchers selling food as well as people selling souvenirs for you to take home!

7pm – Cais da Ribeira

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We suggest after the Mercado de Bolhao to head back to your accommodation to rest and get ready for dinner!
Walking all day certainly does take its toll!

There is only one place you need to be for dinner: Cais da Ribeira! Located on the waterfront, this picturesque area of Porto is filled with a variety of restaurants for you to choose from! Its winding streets has a medieval feel which adds to the charm! After dinner, take a wander on the waterfront and back to the comfort of your bed!
Rest your feet from all the walking and be refreshed for Day 2!

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Yesterday, you discovered the centre of Porto and all the landmarks within the same proximity! Today you can go a bit further out and discover what else Porto has to offer! You may only have 48 hours in Porto, but you can see everything! Don´t worry!

There aren’t as many monuments as yesterday, so you can take your time and you also get to use the tram to save your feet from any blisters!

10am – 360 degree View

Want some great views? Good, because that’s what we have planned for you!
What’s the best way to have a 360 degree view and a great panoramic view of Porto?
You´ve guessed it… a cable car!

This environmentally friendly transport, gives you the chance to cruise over the river and buildings, you also have more landmarks to view once you’re at the top! Including museums, cathedrals and cafés!
A return ticket for an adult is only €8 and for children only €4, for prices like that, you can’t refuse!

12-1pm – Tram n’1

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Porto is a great coastal town, combining the beautiful architecture and breeze of the ocean. So, if you want a break from the buildings and want some relaxation, this is the time for you.

Get on the “Tram 1” from Infante to Passeio Alegre, Foz do Douro, the journey will take around 30 minutes.
Previously used primarily for fishermen, this charming area of Porto has beautiful beaches and café´s for you to explore. Don´t worry, you can still fit in some culture and take a walk to the Farol de São Miguel a chapel lighthouse!
If you have any children with you, there is also an Aquarium called Sea Life Porto.

Tram Tickets are €2.50 single, or €8 24 hour adult tickets or €5 24 hour ticket and you can purchase them from Board of the STCP electric. However Travel Agencies and Hotels only sell 24 hour tickets.

5pm – Cais de Gaia

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You can’t visit Porto and not experience what it is famous for!
Use your weekend to learn all about the wine Port and the history of this iconic beverage.

Head over Luis Bridge and head to the Cais de Gaia district and you will find a variety of Port Cellars and tours.
As well as the wine tasting, you will have an incredible view of the characteristic boats floating across the river!
It is a great chance for you to grab something to eat as well, as you enjoy your weekend in Porto and eat something delicious! (listen to us… and try a Francesinha)!

A traditional Porto sandwich which you need to try when in this great city!

There you go, a complete guide on how to spend 48 hours in Porto!
If you are lucky enough to visit Porto, make sure to use our guide and to use #waytostay.

Most importantly… have fun!

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visit porto

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  1. Very useful guide, thank you. Bookmarking this for our upcoming trip to Portugal! Some of these places I never even heard of, like that library – looks definitely worth a visit.

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