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Driving & Parking

An historic city centre like Florence wasn’t really made with driving in mind. So they’re not too keen on people doing it, particularly if you’re not a local resident or driving a taxi.

Look out for the restricted ZTL (Zona a Traffico Limitado) zones. Drive through at the wrong time and you’ll face a large fine. Read more info about the ZTL zones

The following times are strictly prohibited: Monday-Friday 07.30-19.30 Saturdays 07.30-18.00 After 19.30 or on Sundays you usually have access, but always check the sign before entering the area.

If you need to cross the ZTL to get to your car park or accommodation then ask staff to forward your details in advance to request a temporary permit for two hours.

Search here for car parks in Florence. Enter the city name or the exact address where you need a car park.