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2 reviews to take away any doubts. Thanks to all our customers for their ratings and reviews. We hope their comments, compliments, and occasional complaints, help you choose your ideal stay.

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Check-in / check-out 9,0
Cleaning 8,5
Comfort 7,0
Value for money 8,0

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, business solo traveller, Istanbul, Turkey I 11 Dec 2016

"Everything Was Ok, Just the TV Has one channel."

Check-in / check-out 10
Cleaning 10
Comfort 10
Value for money 10
, mature couple, nijmegen, Netherlands I 07 Oct 2015

"The condition of the appartement was poor because of several points : the matrasses had springs that picked our backs, shower had a defect, the heating unit in the kitchen only worked with one plate, the table was too small, the light was rather unpersonal, the curtains kept falling down and we had a uneasy incident with a few strange guys that wanted the code of the electronic lock to get access to the building. Furthermore we were not aware of the fact that the appartement was 4 stories high and had no elevator. Because of the poor conditions in the kitchenunit we were not able to do our own cooking and this was one of the main reasons we chose an appartement instead of a hotel room."

Check-in / check-out 8
Cleaning 7
Comfort 4
Value for money 6

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