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Driving & Parking

If you dare to drive in Istanbul then a GPS could be your friend. Navigating often narrow and one-way streets isn’t easy. Even more difficult if your Turkish language skills are not so hot.

GPS or not, you’ll need to use various senses driving here. The sound of horns blares from all directions. Learn to use yours wisely. Your vision will be tested too. At rush hour you’ll see nothing but a sea of cars in front of you.

Arrived without getting lost? Now try parking. Look for “Otopark” parking in Turkish. A rare word to find. “Park Yapilmaz” a more common find means no parking allowed. Keep trying.

Search here for carp parks in Istanbul. Enter the city name or the exact address where you need a car park.

If you plan on driving to the airport from the city centre, then take the E-6 or E-5 highway. Turn off at the Pendik/Kurtky exit. It should take you approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Happy driving!