"People were very friendly. It felt like a home away from home…"
Bernice, Darlinghurst, AU

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Fabulous Fado

The life of the poor

You want to listen Fado? Avoid the tourist traps.
There are many places where you pay a lot of money for a dinner and a Fado experience. There are also bars and restaurants where amateurs are singing Fado. A Nini is for example a little Fado restaurant runned by a family. There is a Fado evening every Thursday. The rest of the week only opened at lunchtime. You´ll find them in Rua D. Francisco Manuel de Melo 36-A.
Or go to Tasca do Chico. This small restaurant in Rua Diario de Noticias 39 is in the centre of Bairro Alto. Every Wednesday and Monday they have Fado nights.