"People were very friendly. It felt like a home away from home…"
Bernice, Darlinghurst, AU

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Sunny and small, you’ll want to spend most your time walking around Lisbon. But all those steep cobbled streets are bound to make you tired. That’s where the metro comes in.

It’s modern and efficient and surprisingly creative. It has four lines running from about 06.00 to 01.00. And, acting as underground galleries of contemporary art, the stations themselves can be a bit of a tourist attraction.

It’s also quite cheap. A single ticket costing about €1. If you plan to travel around the city a lot in a day, it might be worth getting a 24 hour ticket that gives you unlimited access for about €4. Or, you might want to get a rechargeable 7 Colinas card, which can also be used on Lisbon’s Trams (internal link).

Make sure you validate your ticket at the gate while you’re going in the station, even if it’s open, to avoid penalties. And don’t leave home without your metro map (pdf 331 KB).