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Curry Sensation

Did you know Britain's national dish is actually stolen from India?!

Home to London’s largest Bangladeshi community, Brick Lane is a colourful, bright feast for the senses.

It’s also home to the young and hyper fashionable! This is where London art & fashion trends start! Not only that but pretty much any style goes here. Dress as outrageously as you like and nobody will bat an eyelid. Shopping on this crazy street ranges from junk shops to high end boutique fashion specialists with everything in between! Sunday “Up Market” is certainly one of London´s most fascinating markets if you pass by on a Sunday.

And when the taste buds start tingling, follow the aroma of spices. You can’t come to Brick Lane without tasting an authentic curry. The guys on the door will try and entice you into their restaurant…play the game, make sure you talk to a few to get the best deal!

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