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London for free

Rich in culture, free in price

Unlike most cities in the world, all major London museums and galleries are free. They are also world class. From The Tate Modern to The V&A Museum or The Science Museum, children and adults alike will find a wealth of spectacular viewing to enjoy for free.

Take the scenic route, through one of London’s parks and gardens. Perfect for picnics or sight-seeing. St James’ Park is right next to Buckingham Palace. We’re not sure you’ll get to wave at the queen but you might get a good photo of her Palace.

At Buckingham Palace you also check out The Changing of the Guards. Starting at 11.30 everyday between May and July.

The place of many a royal wedding – Westminster Abbey is also free to enter. Not to mention beautiful and well worth a visit.

So you see, there’s no need to break the budget to explore London. For a lot of rich culture is free in price.