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Forget the congestion charge, bypass the underground and give the bus a miss. Cycling is the latest craze to hit London. And this has a lot to do with the new public bicycles for hire.

You can pick up a bike in London easily and cheaply. Simply go to a docking station – they are all over London. And buy access with your debit card. This map tells you where your nearest station is. But you can also book online or by phone beforehand.

For the bargain price of about £1, you get 24 hours of cycling wherever you want. But don’t stray too far, because you’ll be charged if you don’t return your bike to a docking station before your time is up.

By law, you don’t have to wear a cycle helmet in the UK, but we think you’d be mad not to.

Don’t leave the house without checking your route on this journey planner. And, of course, if it’s raining, ignore all the above advice and use traditional forms of transport.