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London may have grown and changed shape over the years, but the one thing that’s always been there is the River Thames. A lot of London’s best architecture can be seen along the river bank – from Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre to Tower Bridge. So, if the weather’s alright, it makes sense to take a take a Thames Clipper boat.

The Thames Clippers are actually quite popular with commuters who don’t feel like taking the Jubilee line from Waterloo to Canary Wharf. So it’s not just for tourists.

Art-lovers should check out the Tate to Tate route, which takes you from the Tate Britain in to the Tate Modern in one simple stop. You can also get to the London Eye or the O2 entertainment venue by boat.

A single ticket costs about £6, but less with Oyster Card or Travelcard.

To ensure you don’t get lost at sea, look at this route map before you get onboard.