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Once you’ve spotted an iconic Hackney Carriage with its orange light, stick out your hand and jump in. Give the driver any address and he can take you there without sat-nav, because he’s passed ‘The Knowledge’ - a test of London’s routes for all licensed cabbies. Make sure you say your destination clearly though - London’s taxi drivers aren’t known for their good humour.

While getting a black cab is an essential London experience, be warned, it doesn’t come cheap. The meter will start at a minimum fare of a few pounds, and then the sky is the limit.

On the up side, taxis shouldn’t charge you extra for luggage and extra passengers. You may have to pay more during rush hours, or on holidays and weekends. But any additional costs will be added at the beginning of the journey.

Sit back, enjoy the gentle signature sound of the engine, and watch London go by. But be kind to your wallet, and perhaps just get the driver to take you to the nearest tube station.