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London has a dizzying amount of trains going in, out and around the city. These converge at the city’s transport hubs {#internal_link}.

The Dockland’s Light Railway (DLR) and London Overground are both public. But National Rail is the term for all the private companies that own the majority of trains in London and England.

London Overground is the network running through 20 of London’s 33 neighbourhoods. So it’s handy for getting around the suburbs. On the other hand, the DLR mainly serves London’s East End. Since it was introduced as part of the area’s regeneration in the 80s, it has been the fastest growing railway. Both of these lines are on the Transport for London maps.

If you’re travelling between zones 1-9 (so, anything that can really be called ‘London’), you can use your Oyster or Travelcard. But for National Rail services going in or out of London, including to and from some of the airports, you will have to buy a ticket. Double check National Rail Enquiries before you leave the house.