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Food and drinks

Eat like the locals

Breakfast is usually just a coffee. Or start the day with chocolate con porras, a kind of donut that you dip in hot chocolate.

Between noon and 15.00 pm, you'll find various lunch menus of three courses, at reasonable prices.
Look on the menu for cocido madrileño; a chickpea stew with meats and vegetables. Other specialties include snails and Spanish potato omelet (tortilla de patatas).
For paella, avoid the generic tourist-geared types and pick a restaurant in the La Latina-El Rastro area, which serve up the real deal to the locals who know better.

Madrid has a superb selection of locally produced, quality wines, such as Castilla la Mancha. Wine in Spain is cheap compared to other European countries. After a meal you could order a chinchón. Chinchon is a kind of anis-anisette produced in the village of Chinchon in Madrid.

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