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One of the fastest growing underground railway networks in the world, the Madrid metro is clean, modern and efficient. There are 12 lines, plus 1 branch line and 3 light railway tram lines. These run across 6 zones.

You can travel on the metro between about 06:00 and 02:00. A single ticket for all zones costs about €2 and you can buy one from a booth in any station

If you’ll be using the Metro more than once or with a group, you’ll like the 10 journey pass. It can be used on bus and metro, by you and any of the other members of your group. But you can’t use it on the airport route.

On the other hand, if you plan to take a lot of journeys over a day or more, the Abono Turístico might be better. This can only be used by one person, and gives you unlimited travel on bus and metro over a period of your choice. One day costs about €6.

By all means, enjoy the convenience (and the air-conditioning) of the Madrid metro – but beware of pickpockets while you’re looking at your metro map.