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Check-in / check-out 9.0
Cleaning 8.0
Comfort 8.0
Value for money 7.0

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, solo traveller, Buenos Aires, Argentina I 15 May 2014

Nestor rated his/her apartment stay, but didn’t leave any extra comments…

Check-in / check-out 8
Cleaning 6
Comfort 6
Value for money 6
, young couple, LONDON, United Kingdom I 23 Jul 2011

"The location of the apartment was perfect and meant that there was ease of access to the metro and other amenities, as well as being in the heart of Montmarte and thus next to places of great historical interest. We particularly enjoyed the modern decor of the flat and the presence of a dishwasher, washing machine, and a very reliable internet connection. We were very relieved and pleased at the excellent communication skills of Claude and Sue and the fact that they spoke good English, being very ignorant of French ourselves. The only thing that I could mention as a negative point would be the fact that there was scaffolding and building works around the apartment which were not mentioned or to our knowledge until we got there. This did stifle the ambience somewhat."

Check-in / check-out 10
Cleaning 10
Comfort 10
Value for money 8

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