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3 reviews to take away any doubts. Thanks to all our customers for their ratings and reviews. We hope their comments, compliments, and occasional complaints, help you choose your ideal stay.

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Check-in / check-out 7.0
Cleaning 7.7
Comfort 6.3
Value for money 6.0

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Jann & Dennis, mature couple, Newcastle, United States of America I 15 Oct 2014

"The apartment door is an issue, the lock needs to be replaced, it is too difficult to open properly. At some point the key will break off in the lock and that will be a costly and inconvenient issue for everyone. Having two keys should be standard. It was very inconvenient for us to have no flexibility to do things apart. Also note the key fob gets you in the front door so the code is not necessary. The TV....nearly every channel requires a fee. All this TV gets is BBC News. So yes it has a lot of channels we just couldn't watch most of them. The refrigerator door doesn't shut properly and it was open when we arrived. The washer/dryer combo...it does wash but it does not dry. We had wet laundry hung everywhere for several days. Also very inconvenient. Also note that most dishes (plates, cups, bowls) are chipped. The loft ....it should be mentioned that it is very difficult to stand-up if you are over 5 feet tall! Taking a shower is very awkward and dangerous, my husband had to kneel in the tub to shower. Also having a bathroom WITHOUT a toilet is unacceptable. These issues would have been a deal breaker for me if I'd known of them."

Check-in / check-out 7
Cleaning 8
Comfort 7
Value for money 7

“Dear Jann&Dennis. Thanks for your review. There is normally 1 set of keys, but it is always possible to get another set (for free) on request. The owner has also put some oil in the lock and now it opens properly. The door of the fridge has been fixed and we also informed the owner about your feedback regarding the kitchen equipment. We'll check if we might have to put an extra note in the information to inform our tall customers. Thanks again for informing us!”

EVA, business solo traveller, SAN SEBASTIAN, Spain I 28 Apr 2014

"Very good neigbourhood, the apartment a little bad for my husband, he is very tall."

Check-in / check-out 7
Cleaning 8
Comfort 8
Value for money 7
María Laura, family with mature children, Córdoba, Argentina I 26 Mar 2014

"One disappointment both with waytostay as with habitat parisiens rent when not put measures of the mezzanine, is 1.60 cm therefore in the bedroom and bathroom must come stooping, sitting teeth brushing and bathing sitting (the bathroom is more fell down the slope of the roof!)and let all the time not to hit the head. The apartment totally uncomfortable, the bathroom is also in two parts, the toilet down and the tub up, the place for storing clothes down and bed above. If you put the bags beside the bed, you have to jump to get on. Sofa bed mattress is no more than 5 cm by which is the floor or Chair more comfortable sleeping. They defend saying that the area is worth it but there are many areas well located in Paris and the street where it is located is pretty ugly, even there are people sleeping in the street. Rent for that I had 8 score but undoubtedly waytostay did not make any kind of verification to accept this apartment which offers habitat parisiens and least put that score! I also had to pay 30 euros to enter before, they are totally inflexible, not offered me any kind of economic recognition by the lack of information on the height of the mezzanine, I only have to comply with the acceptance by them that measures were not published! A total disappointment!"

"Una decepción tanto con waytostay como con hábitat parisiens al momento de alquilar no pusieron las medidas del entrepiso, es de 1,60 cm por lo tanto en el dormitorio y baño hay que entrar agachados, lavarse los dientes sentados y bañarse sentado ( el baño es más bajó por la pendiente del techo ! )y cuidarse todo el tiempo de no golpearse la cabeza. Además el apartamento totalmente incómodo, el baño está en dos partes, el inodoro abajo y la bañera arriba, el lugar para guardar la ropa abajo y la cama arriba . Si pones las valijas al lado de la cama , tenes que saltar para subirte. El colchón del sofá cama es de no más de 5 cm por lo cual es más cómodo el piso o el sillón para dormir. Ellos defienden diciendo que la zona lo vale pero hay muchas zonas bien ubicadas en París y la calle donde se encuentra ubicado es bastante fea , incluso hay gente durmiendo en la calle. Alquile por que tenía puntuación 8 pero indudablemente waytostay no hizo ningún tipo de verificación para aceptar este apartamento que ofrece hábitat parisiens y menos poner esa puntuación! Además tuve que pagar 30 euros para poder ingresar antes, son totalmente inflexibles, tampoco me ofrecieron ningún tipo de reconocimiento económico por la falta de información de la altura del entrepiso, sólo me tengo que conformar con la aceptación por parte de ellos que las medidas no estaban publicadas! Una decepción total !"

Check-in / check-out 7
Cleaning 7
Comfort 4
Value for money 4

“El entresuelo del apartamento está a 1.60m. Creímos que las fotos era bastante claras, pero ahora hemos puesto mayor énfasis en la web para informar a los clientes. Lamentamos las molestias. Nosotros siempre escogemos apartamentos basándonos en nuestros criterios de calidad. Este apartamento pasó el examen y esa es la razón por la que le dimos un 8. Tras esto, los clientes pueden evaluarlos basándose en su experiencia. Hay costes extra para el check-in/out fuera del horario regular. Lamentamos oír que que el apartamento no cumplió con sus expectativas, pero nos alegramos de que dedicara un tiempo a compartir su experiencia con nosotros.”

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