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Looking at a metro map of Paris can be daunting. Lots of colourful spidery lines cross the page. But don’t be put off; using the metro is a fast and efficient way to travel around. And with so many stops, you’re certain to find one near to your destination.

The metro in Paris is known for its art nouveau style and for the RER train lines that serve the suburbs and points throughout the city centre. Metro lines are numbered 1-14 and RER lines are lettered A-E. Check out a map of the Paris Métro.

The metro is open from 05.00-01.00 and later on Friday and Saturdays.

You buy tickets from a machine or kiosk at the station. Tickets cost 1.50€ single or for multiple journeys, a Carnet is better value, ten tickets cost just over 11€. All tickets can be used on the metro, bus, tram and zone one of the RER.