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Žižkov, Prague

Žižkov is often described as neighbouring Vinohrady’s ‘rougher’ cousin. With a hell of a lot of bars and the most bizarre landmark in the country, we like to think of it as its hip little sister.

Bořivojova Street is supposedly packed with more bars than anywhere else in the country (we didn’t count) but the main attraction here is even odder – a high-tech TV tower crawling with baby sculptures. (A work of artist David Černý). If that doesn’t blow your mind the communist-era architecture will.

5734.3 km
5734.7 km
National Museum (Národní muzeum)
5734.8 km
Wenceslas Square
5734.9 km
5735 km
Havel's Market (Havelský trh)
5735 km
Charles Bridge
5735.1 km
Prague Castle
5735.2 km
Wallenstein Palace
5735.3 km
Old Town Square
5735.4 km
Golden Lane
5735.4 km
5735.5 km
Old Jewish Cemetery
5736.4 km
National Technical Museum

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