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4 reviews to take away any doubts. Thanks to all our customers for their ratings and reviews. We hope their comments, compliments, and occasional complaints, help you choose your ideal stay.

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Check-in / check-out 9.3
Cleaning 9.0
Comfort 8.5
Value for money 8.5

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, solo traveller, Seoul, Korea, Republic of I 02 Feb 2015

"If you look at the apartment of the hotel seems to be the expression is called. The reception at the entrance to the apartments on the ground floor lies 24 hours a day. The location of the apartment itself as a great way to get to the Prague square side side to go sightseeing. Proximity to the train station or tram is also good. Write with a degree is a 2-3 indoors on the right. Spacious and comfortable, staff were very helpful. Check out the Hotel feels like it takes place in accordance with the scheduled time just, overall good and well done. Oh! Pick out in time, and multiple Wi-Fi which is very well broke, well, I think the Internet wrote without the worry. "

"호텔식으로 이루어진 아파트라고 보면 될 것 같아요. 아파트 입구에 리셉션이 1층에 24시간 자리잡고 있구요. 아파트 자체의 위치도 프라하 광장쪽 큰길에 있어서 관광하러 돌아다니기 편했구요. 역이나 트램 근접성 또한 좋았습니다. 실내는 2~3인 정도가 함께 쓰기에 적당하구요. 넓고 편하고 좋았습니다. 체크인아웃이 호텔처럼 정해진 시간에 따라 딱 이루어지는 느낌이었고요, 전반적으로 좋았고 잘 지내다가 이동했습니다. 아! 와이파이가 여러개 있고 그 중에 골라쓰면되는데 다 아주 잘 터져서 뭐, 인터넷은 걱정없이 썼던 것 같아요. "

Check-in / check-out 10
Cleaning 10
Comfort 8
Value for money 8
, family with mature children, rennes, France I 30 Aug 2014

"The apartment is very well located. It is nice and well equipped. The only small downside: it is difficult to enjoy the terrace when it's hot because the air conditioners of the surrounding buildings are triggered and make a lot of noise. We had a few frights in arriving because we were not anticipated priori... for those dates... between waytostay and the local agency we were told that there were 2 intermediaries... but everything is is rule in 1 hour... so no pb in the end. "

"L'appartement est très très bien situé. Il est agréable et bien équipé. Le seul petit bémol : il est difficile de profiter de la terrase quand il fait chaud car les climatisations des immeubles environnants se déclenchent et font beaucoup de bruit. Nous avons eu quelques frayeurs en arrivant car nous n'étions à priori pas attendus... pour ces dates là... entre waytostay et l'agence locale on nous a expliqué qu'il y avait 2 intermédiaires... mais tout s'est règlé en 1 heure... donc pas de pb au final. "

Check-in / check-out 7
Cleaning 8
Comfort 8
Value for money 8
, mature couple, Boulogne-Billancourt, France I 27 Apr 2014

Michel rated his/her apartment stay, but didn’t leave any extra comments…

Check-in / check-out 10
Cleaning 8
Comfort 8
Value for money 8
, young couple, Middlesbrough, United Kingdom I 23 Mar 2010

"We loved the apartment and it's great location. The only you could do to improve would be have bigger towels, but other that we loved the apartment."

Check-in / check-out 10
Cleaning 10
Comfort 10
Value for money 10

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