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Pink tank

Controversial sculptures

In 1991 sculptor David Černý, a art student at that time, painted the Monument to Soviet tank pink. David got briefly arrested for painting the tank, because the tank was still a national cultural monument at that time. Finally the tank was removed to a Military Museum, 20 km south of Prague. In 2012 it temporarily moved to the Prague centre again, because of the Week of Freedom.

The pink project was not the last project of David. Today he is a famous sculptor who still likes to be controversial. In 2008 he illegally installed the pink hull of a tank on the same spot. He wanted to draw attention to contemporary repressive politics of Russia under Vladimir Putin. His partial pink tank was removed from the site.

In Prague you can see a lot of work from David Černý. On Wenceslas Square, inside Lucerna Pasaz, you´ll find for example 'Horse' – a dark, bastardised version of the statue situated in the square.

For one of his more funny creations you should go over Charles Bridge, close to the Franz Kafka museum. Here you can see Piss, it features two gyrating, mechanical men urinating on a map of the Czech Republic.