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Why customer reviews are important

Searching an apartment for a holiday or city trip is fun but can also be complicated. How do you find the right apartment that suits you and the persons you travel with? And after you booked, how do you know that you´ll get the apartment that you expected? Who can you trust? There are so many websites! And logically you want to avoid scam, fraud, a bad apartment and in general a bad experience.

Reviews of other customers are a good way to help you separate the weed from the chaff. Yes, of course we also can say to you that Waytostay is a good choice.

Since 2004 we offer comfortable apartments where you feel at home. We could explain you that we have thousands of satisfied customers and that you can rely on our service. These things are all true. But we prefer that you´ll read the opinion of our customers yourself.
On our website you´ll find thousands of uncensored reviews, opinions and evaluations. Waytostay reads all the positive reviews and all the negative opinions. Customer evaluations are important, for you but also for us. Customer reviews help you finding the right apartment and help us spotting things that need to be improved. That’s why after reading all of our reviews; we always publish them without editing. We place a comment if a response is needed, do the proper amendments and we would only delete a review if it contained racist or abusive language.

The uncensored apartment reviews you´ll find by clicking on an apartment, but we also have pages like Trustpilot as an external source of comments.

Do you want to know what the customers say about the apartments and service of Waytostay? Check any of the apartments in our website!