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Lending its name to the most popular district of Rome's busy city centre, the Piazza di Spagna, or the Spanish Steps, usually form the starting point on a trip to Rome. The magnificent stairway and surrounding square fan out into streets pointing off in different directions through central Rome.
South of Piazza di Spagna, the Pantheon is Rome's best preserved monument. This giant temple, dates from 27BC. Its Piazza della Rotonda is popular for views of the Pantheon lit up at night.
The Colosseum, Rome's iconic monument, is a great insight into history. This arena from 80AD was once a venue for 50,000 spectators showing fights and battles with wild animals.
Beside the Colosseum are the ruins of the Roman Forum. This area was the heart of old Rome for thousands of years. Its old paths and pillars make for an interesting walk.
For fans of Renaissance and fine art, a trip to the Galleria Borghese is advised. This 17th century museum has one of the richest collections of art on the planet.
The two most impressive fountains to visit are the spectacular Trevi Fountain, which depicts Neptune and his chariots, or the Fontana delle Tartarughe with its famous turtles, in Piazza Mattei, central Campo de'Fiori district.
Rome is well-known for film, thanks to Frederico Fellini and the Cinecittá studios. Film buffs enjoy the Santa Maria in Cosmedin church in Ripa. As seen in "Roman Holiday", the legendary Bocca della Veritá (mouth of truth) can be found here.