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Driving & Parking

Driving in Rome is not Sunday style leisurely driving. It probably isn’t going to be relaxing. If you insist on driving in Rome, you will need to hone your concentration skills, your reflexes and maybe gain a basic understanding of Italian swearwords and hand gestures.

Once you catch on to the technique of how to drive, learn where you can drive. Driving through the restricted ZTL (zona trafico limitado) or limited traffic zones is prohibited without a permit and will incur a large fine. To get a permit you generally need to be a local and or taxi-driver. Find out where the ZTL zones are.

All of this figured out and safely arrived at your apartment, you’ll want to find the nearest car park. Search here for car parks in Rome. Enter the city name or the exact address where you need a car park.

More useful information about parking in Rome (in English)