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Centro Storico, Милан

In Milan, all roads lead to the Duomo -  Italy’s largest cathedral. This is city’s chic centre, with the famous piazza and the awe-inspiring Palazzo Real. 

This area is bustling, historical and essential when visiting Milan. It is popular not just with tourists but local Milanese and business workers as they stroll through the piazza.

It´s been said that streets radiate from the Cathedral, as one of the world´s largest cathedrals, expect an amazing atmosphere.

Sitting at the heart of Milan, surrounded by restaurants and shops, there are lots of things to do in this central area.

0.6 km
Базилика Святого Амвросия
0.8 km
Миланский собор
0.9 km
Галерея Виктора Эммануила II
0.9 km
Пьяцца дель Дуомо
1 km
Ла Скала
1 km
Замок Сфорца
1.2 km
1.4 km
Виа Монтенаполеоне
1.4 km
1.5 km
Парк Семпионе

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