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Fiera, Милан

Whether you´re an A.C. Milan supporter, an Inter-Milan supporter or just a football fan many will visit this area purely for the beautiful game. But there is a lot of beauty to be found here other than football.

It is a green and residential neighbourhood with great links to the centre. So if you are in town for the football or not San Siro could make a great base.

In the past this area was a small part of Milan, however it has been dramatically developed. A calm area with a mixture of greenery and residential buildings.

Great area if you want to get away from the business of the city centre.

2 km
Парк Семпионе
2.6 km
Замок Сфорца
2.8 km
2.9 km
2.9 km
Базилика Святого Амвросия
3.2 km
Ла Скала
3.4 km
Галерея Виктора Эммануила II
3.5 km
Миланский собор
3.5 km
Виа Монтенаполеоне
3.6 km
Пьяцца дель Дуомо

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