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Уборка 9.0
Комфорт 9.3
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Jessica, взрослая пара, Cannon Falls, Соединенные Штаты Америки I 15 Jan 2017

"Great apartment in the perfect spot. The whole process was easy and seamless. I would recommend W2S for anyone."

Заезд / Выезд 10
Уборка 10
Комфорт 10
Цена/качество 10
Murray, путешественник, , Канада I 16 Nov 2016

"I liked the apartment -- very comfortable bed, pretty quiet building aside from the late-night noise from the adjacent restaurant in Passage St.-Sebastien. Kitchen is workable, if a bit spare. Some sort of coffee-maker besides the Italian stove-top pot would be welcome. And a cover for the trash bin? My one major problem with the apartment was the wifi. I think your router is old and should likely be replaced. I was using both a laptop and a mobile phone on the wifi, and the signal was usually low or very low -- and my laptop was less than 4 metres from the router, sitting on the dining table. Sometimes the connection would disappear entirely, and the signal not appear again in my computer's list of available networks for 5 or 10 minutes. Several times I powered-down the router to restart it -- an old home trick that clears its memory, and that helped restore it, but internet speed was still very slow. I suggest you replace it. One last thing: the fridge -- it's been a long time since the freezer section was defrosted. "

Заезд / Выезд 10
Уборка 7
Комфорт 8
Цена/качество 7
Анонимный, бизнес-турист, , I 07 Mar 2016

"Идеальным квартиры во многих отношениях, на территории отеля и легкий доступ к метро. Наслаждайтесь красивой ванной и раковиной! Квартира имеет все необходимое для моего пребывания. "

"A perfect apartment in so many ways, enjoy the area and ease of access to the metro. Enjoy the beautiful bathroom and sink! The apartment had everything i needed for my stay. "

Заезд / Выезд 10
Уборка 10
Комфорт 10
Цена/качество 10

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