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What is the story behind the tapas? Bar owners originally gave out pieces of bread and meat for punters to cover their sweet sherry with. Since the meat tended to be salty, they eventually caught on to the alcohol profit enhancing value of a few morsels.

You may think of fish 'n' chips as a British dish, but another Andalusian favourite is pescaito frito, or deep-fried fish. Get this tasty but cheap fast-food to eat-in or takeaway.

Sweltering temperatures mean locals are reluctant to eat hot, heavy food during the summer months; instead, a bowl of Gazpacho goes down well. Made from tomato, onion, peppers and bread, the chilled soup helps beat the heat.

While Sangria is very typical, not all bars serve it all the time. A much more common refreshment is tinto de verano, which is simply red wine and lemonade. Not for the faint-hearted, a truly local concoction is Agua de Sevilla, the pricey beverage packs a punch including champagne, whisky, rum, cointreau and cream, to name a few ingredients!

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