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The first line of Seville’s modern metro system was completed in 2009 and covers 15 areas of the city. A further 3 lines are planned for completion in the future. A unique feature of the metro system is the use of daylight which stops it feeling as claustrophobic as other metro systems. You’ll also notice that it has a screen to stop clumsy passengers stepping into the path of an oncoming train. Genius.

A basic ticket for a one-way ride is about 1,5€, with no “saltos”, which are jumps between metro zones (3 zones total). A ticket with one “salto”, or going between Blas Infante and the Universidad Pablo Olavide also costs about 1,50€. An all day pass will cost you about 4,50 €. The latter is only really necessary if you’re staying quite far out of the centre.