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Burn baby ninot, burn!

Valencia is burning brightly

It’s the 19th March; you’re in Valencia and quite possibly the noisiest fireworks you have ever heard are going off around you. Giant puppets called ninots are paraded along streets full of people.

Day and night the celebrations continue and the atmosphere is intense. You’re at Las Fallas in Valencia on the night of La Crema, the last night after a week of celebrations and a year in the making.

La Crema is when the giant ninos which have taken up to a year to make, are burned. A public vote takes place to save the ninot considered to be the best. It then gets placed in the Fallas Museum which is quite an honour. You can visit the museum and see the best ninots over the years.
Las Fallas is well worth experiencing if only once in a lifetime. Just don’t forget your camera and some earplugs.