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Valencia home of Horchata

Horchata? You’ll see the word everywhere in Valencian bars and cafés but what does it mean? Well, horchata is a creamy coloured drink best drunk ice cold in the summer. It’s made from tigernuts (or chufas), water and sugar, although there are variations with almonds. Ok, so we may not have the recipe, but we love it! It’s a great refreshing way to cool down in the heat of summer.

As legend has it, back in the era of Reconquest, a young villager gave the King of Aragon a glass with what he called llet de xufa (chufa milk). After drinking it the King said “aixó no és llet és or, xata” (this isn’t milk, this is gold, sweetheart). And so the name was born. Horchata.

Give it a try. It’s well worth the milk moustache.