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Schnitzel or Apfelstrudel

The Wiener schnitzel is world famous, but the city has more. Go to the würstelstand stalls and try the Burenwurst (beef and pork) or Käsekrainer (spicy pork with cheese) for a satisfying snack during the day.

Viennese desserts include Apfelstrudel (apple strudel), Palatschinken pancakes, and Süsse Knödel (sweet dumplings).

For the best lunch in Vienna, head to the Naschmarkt and choose a café among its food stalls. This is a favourite with locals, thanks to its excellent variety and an interesting market setting.

There are two Viennese drinking institutions to seek out; the bierhalle (beer garden) and the heurige (wine tavern).

The Viennese use small local Bräu breweries with only natural ingredients, so count on a superb mug of foamy beer at the beer garden, along with hot meaty snacks.

In any wine tavern, found around the city or spread along Vienna's wine trail, you will typically be offered Heuriger (young white wine) or a spritzer, both at reasonable prices.

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